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🚚 FAST Free Shipping on Orders over 60

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We are proud to sell these amazing products that are always lab tested

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CBD for Pets, CBD Tea & Gumies all this and more can be found here.

Customer Reviews

"After Trying some Irish CBD brands that did nothing for me I decided to give this brand a try. After doing some research I've found out it has a 9.5 rating on trustpilot.com with thousands of reviews, I had to try it so. It did wonders for my stress at work and great sleep too"

Jonathan M.

"I've checked many other places and this product is best value in Ireland. This is my second purchase on purecbdoil.ie and I must say this CBD Oil is a great value and last me for over a month. Been using 500mg and it helped me heal my neck pain"

Declan O.

"Absolutely amazing.
This CBD vape pen tastes good and It's helping me to quit smoking, this is my third purchase, thanks for the free delivery guys"

Mateuz T.

100% Natural CBD Range

Did you know that Cannabidiol CBD Oil only recently have attained a status that allows it to be recognised as one of the most important global breakthroughs in the science of health. It can be hard to choose the right product, since many CBD products on the Irish market are NOT LAB TESTED or are Hemp SEED OIL labeled as "CBD Oil". Fear NOT, our team of friendly CBD experts examines each product before adding it to our store, such as CBD-liquids, CBD Oil Drops and CBD Capsules. All the brands we sell are lab tested and have a solid reputation behind them. We constantly make sure that our customers get what they pay for. We can provide lab results for our products at any time, so feel free to ask. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Your Products Lab Tested?

We are proud to be the only retailer in Ireland to have lab reports for all of our products. Yes all of our products are lab tested, if in doubt just ask us, we also try to include lab reports on every product page.

Have you got CBD products with ZERO THC Level?

Have a look at Expert CBD range, this brand makes 0% THC products made in Colorado. Expert CBD Vape contains no PG or VG carrier oils. Best selling CBD brand in Ireland & the EU.

What are the Benefits of CBD products?

CBD has only recently has become a popular, natural & holistic healing supplement. CBD has been shown to help with sleep, stress, anxiety, and pain.

Full Spectrum or Isolate CBD - What's the Difference?

Full spectrum means the oil has been extracted from the whole hemp flower and it includes the widest profile of cannabinoids and terpenes. CBD isolate on the other hand is made after heavy processing until only the pure CBD molecule is left, this means that the important cannabinoids and terpenes are lost.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a phytocannabinoid first discovered back in 1940, it is an active ingredient in the Hemp plant. Research has shown that it is capable of benefiting a large number of biological processes via ECS (endocannabinoid system). In recent times CBD has gained massive popularity due to the overwhelming evidence of its positive effects for human and animal health. Notable athletes and celebrities use and love CBD products.