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Cannabis Oil - Is it Legal?

If you've spent any time reading the news recently, you've probably run into something called CBD. Over the past five years, academics, media outlets, and satisfied consumers have been touting the unique array of benefits that a CBD regimen can do to users' mental, physical, and emotional health.

For new users or curious consumers, the wide variety of distinctions between different CBD types and products can be confusing. Many may be put off altogether because they believe CBD occupies a legally gray market, when in fact many CBD products are sold completely legally.

Here, we'll discuss the most major distinction between types of CBD products: hemp-derived CBD oils and THC cannabis oils. Additionally, we'll explore the ways that CBD and THC products are currently regulated in Ireland.

CBD Oils (made from hemp)

Before our deep dive, we should first establish what exactly CBD is. Though the compound is often conflated with THC, the truth is that pure CBD is neither psychotropic nor addictive, which makes it a suitable enough treatment to be used in any setting. Simply put, CBD refers to a naturally occurring cannabinoid that is found in strains of cannabis and hemp.

Hemp is a particular type of the Cannabis sativa plant that contains only trace amounts of the psychotropic substance THC, meaning it's physiologically impossible for the user to get "high" off of any amount. When a CBD product is derived from hemp, it doesn't cause any tangible changes to cognition or create euphoria - instead, users describe that CBD makes the you "relaxed, yet completely sober".

CBD crafted from hemp may boast a huge variety of positive health impacts on the user: improved mood, digestion, and appetite, in addition to reduced chronic pain, skin problems, and inflammation.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Ireland?

Yes, CBD oils derived from industrially certified hemp are completely legal for sale, distribution, and use by the general public in Ireland. In 1995, the government created a task force to quantify the utility of restarting the hemp industry after it was shut down during World War II.

In addition to being used in CBD, hemp is useful for creating biofuel, breathable fabrics, wartime composite materials, and can even be used as a nutritional supplement. Since 2016, it has been legal to sell hemp-derived CBD oils containing strictly no more than 0.2 percent THC content. However there have been many raids on these products and misuse of drugs act 1977 states that any amount of THC in CBD products is Illegal, therefore CBD products must contain 0% THC.

In order to legally sell a hemp derivative like CBD, the hemp must be grown by a licensed provider who has received legal certification from the Department of Health. Health and agricultural organizations are often tasked with performing random crop testing, materials assessments, and vetting hemp agriculturalists.

These regulations came into effect due to the European Union's open stance on hemp products and CBD, promoting Ireland to slightly deregulate their hemp market.

THC Cannabis Oil

THC Cannabis Oil is a whole different beast as compared to hemp-derived CBD oils. In Ireland and throughout the majority of Western European countries, THC oil is defined as any product containing more than 0.2 percent THC content.

In actuality, THC oil is advertised as a health supplement that may cause a mild psychoactive effect, causing changes in the users' memory, sense of time, sense of euphoria, and perception of bodily sensations.

THC and CBD oil are both technically derived from the Cannabis plant, particularly from the cannabis resin that is nestled in the flower bud trichomes on the plant. However, THC oil is explicitly extracted from Cannabis plants that have a high enough percentage of THC to create a psychotropic response in the user.

Additionally, THC oil often contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids in the Cannabis plant - typically, these products are chock full of flavonoids, terpenes, and other plant oils.

Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a specific brand of cannabis oil, developed by Canadian medical marijuana activist Rick Simpson. Unlike standard THC cannabis oils, the RSO brand is crafted from Cannabis indica, which produces a sedative effective rather than a euphoric and psychoactive effect in the user.

It is believed that RSO can treat many different conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis, asthma, inflammation, vasoconstriction, and depression among other effects. The brand rests its reputation on extensive studies showing that high THC and CBD compounds can slow the growth of cancer sells throughout the body.

Is THC Cannabis Oil Legal in Ireland & EU? 

In Ireland, any product containing more than 0.2 percent THC content is considered illegal under the Misuse of Drugs Act. This means that RSO or marijuana oil crafted with higher amounts of THC would technically be considered illegal.

However, hemp-derived CBD - which contains strictly no more than 0.2 percent THC content - is completely legal in Ireland. Even though this is the case, there are extra regulations concerning the sale of CBD. Since CBD has not yet been vetted by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) in Ireland, it is not able to be used as a treatment prescribed by doctors in the country.

Additionally, the European Union currently classifies CBD as a novelty food product rather than a dietary supplement, meaning that it is subject to more strict sets of regulations than other edible products. While consumers may not be cognizant of this problem, some international vendors are wary of marketing their products in Ireland or other countries in the European Union.

Regulations are changing all the time in Ireland, making it more important than ever that consumers and vendors keep up to date with established guidelines. Many experts are hopeful that, slowly, Western European countries will adopt a more tolerant stance towards higher THC CBD products.

The Verdict

There are many completely legal, safe, and reputable ways to explore CBD treatments throughout Ireland and the rest of Europe. CBD products with 0% THC are legal in Ireland. Consumers can feel confident knowing that they are dipping in to fully-established and robustly tested CBD industries.

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