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What is Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

There is a lot of confusion between two types of cannabis oil.

CBD oil & THC oil (Rick Simpson oil), both are often called 'cannabis oil' but they are very different and we will explain all this below.



1) There are two species of Cannabis!

1. HEMP contains a lot of CBD and other cannabinoids but traces of THC usually below 0.3%.

2. MARIJUANA also known as "weed" is a full spectrum plant known to contain all cannabinoids including very high amounts of THC that is known to get you "high"


2) Two types of Cannabis Oil ARE!

CBD OIL - extracted from Hemp variety of Cannabis (low THC)

THC OIL - extracted from marijuana variety of cannabis (high THC)


3) Legal Status of Cannabis Oil in Ireland ℹ️

THC Cannabis Oil is illegal in Ireland but CBD Oil on the other hand is legal. THC Oil is also known as Rick Simpson oil or RSO and got its name from a man named Rick Simpson who made THC cannabis oil by himself and cured his cancer. Rick Simpson is now very famous and has his own youtube channel where he teaches people about his method he also wrote a book about his experiences called Nature's Answer for Cancer sold on amazon. CBD Oil is legal in Ireland and has many of the benefits of Rick Simpson Oil without getting "high"

4) The Difference Between CBD Oil and Cannabis Oil

  • THC Cannabis Oil is Illegal in Ireland because it contains THC but CBD Oil on the other hand is legal since it does not contain THC.
  • There is a great deal of confusion between CBD Oil & THC Cannabis Oil since both of these extracts contain cannabinoids. 
  • CBD Oil is made from Hemp and contains less than 0.2% THC.
  • THC Cannabis Oil is made from marihuana flowers and has a lot of THC and small to medium CBD content
  • You cannot get "high" from CBD Oil