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CBD Vape Pen Ireland, the perfect CBD product to help you unwind naturally! 

Whether you are out and about or simply relaxing in the comfort of your own home, vaping CBD is a sure way to make you feel cool, calm & collected at all times. 

Our mega-strength 1ml vape carts include a whopping 400mgs (40%) of Full Spectrum CBD which also include a wide range of cannabis terpenes ensuring that you are getting all the therapeutic and relaxing properties the Hemp plant has to offer. 

We know a lot of our customers like to smoke CBD flower. However, we believe that vaping is the most efficient and cleanest way to smoke CBD as you can vape anywhere, there is no mess & the concentrations are very high. 

Our CBD vape pens are most popular with people who have anxiety, stress or even those who are trying to give up smoking cigarettes or cannabis. 

No matter who you are, we are sure that if you enjoy smoking, you are going to love this CBD Vape pen. 

Start Vaping Your Stress Away Today & Order Now! 
Nicotine Free
✅ 4.99 Delivery Nationwide 
✅ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
✅ 100% Legal & in compliance with Irish Laws 
Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How do I use the vape? 

A. To use your vape first you are going to need to charge the pen. Once fully charged screw the cartridge onto it. Then click the button 5 times to turn on the device. Once the device is turned on press and hold the button whilst inhaling to take a pull of the vape. 

Q. What does the starter kit include? 

A. Each starter kit includes 1 x 40% Full Spectrum CBD cartridge, the vaping pen that screws onto the cartridge & a USB charger so, you can charge your device no matter where you are.

Q. What does Gelato taste like? 

A. The Gelato cartridge is derived from an Indica strain of hemp plant which helps promote the feelings of relaxation and calmness. It tastes sweet like a mixture of ice cream & fruity pebbles.

Q. What does Heisenberg taste like? 

A. Our Heisenberg Cartridges are made from a Sativa strain which has a terpene profile that makes it more uplifting & energising than the Gelato cartridge. The Heisenberg carts taste like a mix of menthol & summer fruits.

Q. How long do the 1ml cartridges last? 

A. There are a lot of variables to this like, how much you smoke, what temperature you set your vape at etc. but on average there are around 400 draws (pulls) available in our 1ml carts.

Q. Is this legal in Ireland? 

A. Yes, all of our CBD products are fully legal in Ireland and are THC free.

Q. Will this CBD Vape get me high? 

A. No, although our customers have reported that it helps them relax there is no high from CBD as it is non-psychoactive. 

Q. Is this CBD Vape Pen refillable? 

A. No, the carts that screw onto the pen are non-refillable and should be recycled after you have finished using it. The pen, however, is the industry standard size which is known as 510 thread and nearly every vape cartridge worldwide will fit this pen so, you can use the pen as many times as you want when you add a new cartridge each time.

Q. Why is my vape cart crystallized? 

A. Don't worry about this, it's actually a good thing as its a sign of a cart with a super high CBD concentration. Due to the climate we live in when a cart goes below room temperature, the CBD tends to crystallize.

Although it's fine to use the cart as it is, some people like to warm it up with a hairdryer. If you would like to do this, simply turn the hairdryer on hot and turn it on. Keep the cartridge at least 6-12 inches away from the end of the hairdryer and move the cartridge around every 5-10 seconds as you do this until you see most of the crystals dissolve.

Please be mindful not to spend too long doing this & let the cart cool down to room temperature again before using.


Don't Procrastinate & Get Yours Today, You deserve it. Your Future Self Will Thank You For it ❤️️



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Amy Q.
Ireland Ireland
I recommend this product
CBD oil and vape pen

I used CBD to help with stress and sleep. I have found when I take it at night I am able to fall asleep and stay asleep easily. It also helps me relax when I am stressed. Customer service was good. Product was delivered within 2 days.

Alan M.
Ireland Ireland
I recommend this product
Starter Kit

The starter kit I got from Connor was great, I could really feel it working my metabolism, making me sleep better and not wanting to smoke anymore, I love it and I’ll be repeating my order, thanks

Simon K.
Ireland Ireland
I recommend this product

purchased this for my anxiety and its been a great help thank u

Elaine M.
Ireland Ireland
I recommend this product
Helped me give up the cigs

I used this pen with the oil at the same time to get me through giving up the cigs and it worked extremely well for me. I gave up the smokes years ago in my late twenties but it was such a battle at the time and having this pen and the oil made it so much easier for me. Very happy with the reps too

Sarah F.
Ireland Ireland
I recommend this product
Fast Delivery

Rceived my order in 2 days

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